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Welcome to the Galveston fishing report page. 


Spring time fishing is hot on Galveston Bay. We are catching speckled trout and redfish over oyster reefs with popping corks and shrimp, and soft plastic lures.


Speckled trout and Redfish are hanging out in typical fall areas around marsh drains and bayous. We are catching fish on soft plastic lures and live shrimp. The flounder run is starting to kick off and will get better with each cold front.


Redfish are schooling over shallow mud flats and making for some great action. Speckled Trout are biting a little later in the day once the water gets a chance to warm up. East bay is still producing big Trout while wade fishing. Fishing deep water like river bends during cold spells has led to successful Galveston fishing charters.  


Galveston Bay fishing brings some of the best action on artificial lures during December. This Galveston fishing guide is having success with corkys and soft plastics fishing over mud and shell in upper Galveston Bay. Solid boxes are coming in between cold fronts drifting in 4-8 ft of water. Wade fishing is good in east bay during warming trends for big Trout. 


The flounder run is in full swing. Gulp shrimp and mullet are working well bounced off the bottom fishing the Galveston Channel, Bolivar landing, and flats in lower Galveston Bay. Speckled Trout and Redfish are biting good on soft plastics in dark colors near rivers and creeks. We are also catching trophy sized Speckled Trout while wade fishing shallow flats. 


Fall fishing is in full swing on Galveston Bay. This time of year fishing with soft plastic lures can be easier than live bait as the fish are chasing shrimp around the bay and a fast presentation is often needed. This is the best time of year to catch a Texas Slam as all of the big three ( Flounder, Reds, and Trout ) can be caught in the same areas. Marsh drain are paying off as well as shell reefs near the back of the bay. Fishing is great, this is the best time of year to be on the water.


Schools of Redfish are taking over the lower Galveston Bay reaches with good keeper sized Speckled Trout in the mix. Heavy lures like a 3/8 ounce jig head with a soft plastic fluke are working well. We also have some nice flounder hitting the box. The flounder run should kick off strong later next month, but working pylons and rocks are producing some nice sized flounder for this Galveston Bay fishing guide. Overall Galveston Bay fishing is doing great and will get better after each cold front that passes.   


​The bite is hot across the Galveston Bay complex. Large speckled Trout are stacked up along the Houston ship channel reefs. Live croaker are working well to land these big specks. The flats around upper Galveston Bay are holding nice trout as well with top water baits early in the day scoring well. The bull redfish have started their run. We are catching 10-25 big bull reds a day on our trophy bull red trips. 


We are catching solid boxes of Speckled Trout over shell in Galveston Bay. Both live shrimp and soft plastics are working well to land specks. Once the trout action slows, we concentrate on Redfish which are holding in deep water structure and feeding best on the outgoing tide. I look to continue this deep water pattern for Reds in the following weeks. Big Sharks and Bull Redfish are plentiful and have been making some memorable days for our family trips.  

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galveston fishing guides, galveston fishing charters